Workshop 4: Using Canvas Quizzes and Discussions

Pre-requisite: Completion of workshop 1

In this workshop, you’ll learn about the Quizzes and Discussions tools. For the Quizzes tool, you will be introduced to the Quizzes Index page, and the different types of quizzes and question types that are available. You will learn how to create a quiz, set quiz options, preview a quiz as a test student, publish a quiz, view results, and use Speedgrader to provide feedback for open-ended quiz responses. You will also learn about options to create question banks, import, export, and share quizzes.  For the Discussions tool, you will be introduced to Discussions Index Page. You will learn how to create topics, set topic options, publish a topic, and use Speedgrader to grade student discussion responses.  Required homework will include tasks giving you hands-on experience using both tools in your practice course in Canvas.