Intro to Sakai - Online!

Sakai is Durham Tech's system for accessing course materials online. Instructors use Sakai in a variety of ways, for example, to provide course information, handouts, assignments, tests, grades, or online discussions.

Intro to Sakai is required in order to use Sakai as an instructor at Durham Tech. This workshop is offered online. Work through the workshop at your own pace, complete the workshop from home or work or wherever you have Internet access, and experience online learning first hand.

The workshop consists of 10 modules that will introduce you to the features of Sakai and walk you through how to build a sample Sakai course. The workshop covers how to log in to Sakai; navigate around in Sakai; customize your course menu and home page; post important course materials such as announcements, a syllabus, handouts, PowerPoints, and links to web sites; upload and share course files through the Resources tool; communicate with course participants through the Email tool; organize course content in the Lessons tool, and publish course sites.

Registration is required. Information about how to get started will be sent via email within 1-2 business days. Completion of this workshop is required before instructors can gain access to their "real" course sites.