CPR/BB/AED Training

The Durham Tech Police Dept. is hosting CPR/AED training. The course provides training for people who are expected to respond to emergencies as part of their job duties. As a professional rescuer, you will learn to recognize and provide care for respiratory and cardiac emergencies. You will learn how to correctly use an Automated External Defibrillator to aid in cardiac emergencies. 

Due to classroom guidelines and for the safety of all, this course requires that you complete the online courses through Safe Colleges first, after completion, then notify Officer Mathewson at mathewsonj@durhamtech.edu when you have done so in order for him to schedule a hands on training time slot.  The hands on portion will take approximately 30 minutes and have one to one ratios for training purposes.

Safe Colleges:   Full Course for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and AED (Automated External Defibrillators.